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There are many trends that have taken place with peoples travel over time. Many years ago North Americans began to do lots of travel in their cars and so began the prolific era of the motor hotel or motel. Shortly after this airline travel became more affordable and accessible - travel habits changed again as people could now travel more easily to exotic locations. More recently people have begun travelling with their pets, taking vacations where they can include their entire family.

This most recent trend of including pets in travel can at times be quite difficult, as many pet owners already know. This is especially true if you have a large animal or multiple animals. It can be very difficult to find a place to stay while travelling because traditionally people feel that pets are destructive and disturb other guests. Finally however, we are seeing more vacation properties accepting pets and advertising for visitors to bring them.

Pet travellers tend to stick relatively close to home and often will travel within a days drive to do a vacation. They tend to have vehicles and often stay for a minimum of two nights when travelling. Pet travellers also tend to use other pet friendly businesses in the city they are visiting, whether those be doggy day spas, dog walkers or specialty pet stores.

As pet travel moves from a niche market to more mainstream, there will be an inevitable shift towards more pet properties, amenities and acceptance of travellers who bring along their pets. We can only hope that this is coupled with more pet friendly activities and trails throughout local greenbelts and parks right across the country.

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